Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swimming Lessons update

Alex just finished up another round of 10 swimming lessons.  We saw improvement this time, as he got more compliments from Miss Nancy and has really learned to do the right strokes when crossing the pool.

What he needs to work on: courage to get his face under the water.  He hate jumping in because they won’t catch him, and his head goes under for a brief moment.  He hates “underwater days” when Miss Nancy gives each child 3 quick dunks under the water.

What he LOVES: when they finish a few minutes early, they get to choose between jumping in or catching fish.  Alex LOVES to swim around with a kickboard and catch the foam fish that are floating in the water.  He gets the biggest grin on his face as he chases down all the fishies!  (That’s what he is doing in all 3 pictures in this post.)

Improvement: he was able to swim across the pool (the short way) without any sort of floatie/belt to help him.  Miss Nancy was right there with him, and he didn’t do it smoothly, but HE DID IT!  Progress!! :)

No one scolded me for taking pictures this time…I don’t think the “scolder” works at the health center any more, as parents are now regularly taking pictures without a problem.  One of these times, I’ll need to bring my camera instead of my cell phone! :)


Alex knows that, in order to move up to Level 3, he must swim across the pool independently.  He also knows that he’s allowed to stop lessons once he’s completed Level 3 one time.  He is anxiously awaiting that day!  For now, he’s got a 2 week break before starting Round 4 of Level 2.  Keep at it, Alex…you’ll get it yet! :)

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