Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July

We had a busy, yet nice Fourth this year.  We started out by going out for breakfast at a local café, came home and the kids played outside with neighbor friends while I did some baking, and then we shared cookies with the neighbors.

At lunchtime, we headed to Keith’s Uncle Jim’s house for swimming and a cookout with family.  The pool water was COLD, but our kids didn’t mind one bit.  Thankfully, they had cousins who were quite willing to supervise them in the water.  (I got in for a while after lunch, but mostly just enjoyed chatting with family while watching from the pool deck.)

Four kids on a raft – Max, Alex, Cailin, and Sky



Jensyn & Jessica, Kyle & Jensyn


our three with Jessica


Jess & Max, Jensyn & Grandma


Kyle & Jensyn


recreating a family picture taken years ago…but with a few new kids! Smile


We came home for Jensyn to get a late nap & to eat dinner, then we headed out to see the fireworks.  Our town wasn’t doing fireworks this year, so we headed up north to the fairgrounds to see the fireworks.

Jensyn has  mouth full of cotton candy, so these pictures are goofy Winking smile


Alex made a new little friend while we were waiting for the fireworks to start.  It’s amazing to me the way kids can so quickly make friends, but Anthony (the friend) and our boys had a great time running around.  Alex actually watched the fireworks from Anthony’s blanket…not that it was terribly far away, but it was just odd to have our child run off and hang out somewhere else for the first time!

Jensyn enjoyed the fireworks, but she was a little afraid of the loud booms.


All 3 kids fell asleep on the way home.  I unloaded them and carried them in one by one.  (Keith was unloading everything else from the car.) I set Alex on the living room chair, and he went right back to sleep.


I set Jensyn on another chair, and her eyes popped right open…wide awake.  IMG_9137

Max…well…I set him down in the laundry room so I could take off my shoes, and he crawled to the short distance to his bedroom doorway and slept RIGHT THERE on the floor! Winking smile


We had to brush their teeth since they’d had cotton candy, and it was like brushing the teeth of limp little rag dolls…they slept right through it!

They had a great day, though, and so did we! Smile

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