Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alex’s Service Project

This year, we had two missions at VBS.  One was collecting money for a mission team headed to Arizona next month, and the other was collecting canned goods for our church’s food pantry.

The kids & I have been volunteering in the food pantry once a month, placing donations on the shelves and helping families who come in for their groceries.  Alex has really taken to this, and he gets so excited about this opportunity to serve!

The kids collected quite a bit of food during VBS week, and Alex asked if he could be the one who put it all on the shelves.   I got permission from the food pantry director, and I told Alex we’d go in on Saturday to do it.  He pestered me from the moment he woke up until the time we could slip away at 3 PM to get over to church.  He is SO excited about this ministry!


It’s tempting to underestimate what a 5 year old can do, but he sure is proud of his job!  I’m glad we found a place where we can get our kids plugged in to serve others!


Never do I want our blog to be a place for bragging about good things we do, but I do want Alex to remember how excited he is about this service opportunity!  I also want to encourage those of you with a house full of little ones…you CAN teach them to serve!

What ways have YOU found to teach YOUR little ones to serve?
We’re always looking for new ideas!

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