Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids Camp!

This year, Alex was old enough to attend the Kids Camp daycamp at our local Christian camp.  A few other boys from our church were going, and he was really looking forward to this day!  There are games, activities, Bible stories, swimming and much, much more!

When the day arrived, it was COLD and RAINY!  Seriously, 60 degrees at the end of June.  Brrr!

When we arrived to get Alex all settled in for the day, they were setting up their inflatables for some indoor fun.  Alex was VERY excited to see those, and he ran off to play with his friends!




After Max kept bugging me to stay, I finally rolled my eyes, looked at the director, and sarcastically said, “Want another kiddo?” 

She knew I was being sarcastic, but still she answered, “Of course he can stay!  He’ll have a lot of fun!”

I was really hesitant at first, as he’s not quite 4, had never been left with strangers for a full day, and sometimes doesn’t care one bit about using the potty.  (Sorry Max  - you’ll be embarrassed to read this some day, but hey, it’s TRUE!)

So…with no change of clothing, no jacket, no swim trunks…nothing…I left my 3 yr old at day camp.  I was a little nervous, but he sure wasn’t!   He ended up having a terrific day!  


When we came to pick up the kids at the end of their 6 hour day, the director’s first words to us were, “HE. WAS. A. ROCKSTAR!!!”  I’d say my little Maxwell did all right!

Alex went on for quite a while about all the fun he had.  They learned about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, made foam bracelets, did scratch art on rainbow paper, rode gigantic tricycles, and even got to go swimming despite the chilly weather.

I took the above pictures before saying goodbye and heading for home.  We have very few pictures of the kids throughout the day, but I did snag a few from their Facebook uploads just so my kids can look back at these & remember their first day at camp.

Alex is in the orange shirt in the background:


They decided to brave the weather & let the kids play in the water despite the cold.

Max is under the fountain at the right;
Alex is in the background behind the other kids by the sprayer.

(Thankfully, they run a daycare center at the camp, and they had some swim trunks that fit Max.)


My boys tell me they didn’t brave the waterslide,
but Max is walking under it in this picture.


Alex is centered directly under the yellow “mushroom” fountain.


So, Alex, here’s your post on your first official camp experience. 
And Max, here’s your post on your “I’m not supposed to be here, but they let me stay” camp visit. Smile

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