Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Fun Night Out

On Saturday, we went to our favorite cheap family dinner spot – Steak N Shake!  Seriously, by combining their “kids eat free weekends” and their awesome coupons, we can feed our whole family for $12.  (We order water to drink, but we all eat well!)

Afterwards, we took the kids to play mini golf and do a few other activities…


Alex got his first legitimate hole-in-one!!

Other than that, the kids were pretty much “whatever” when it came to playing according to the rules.  Max kept hitting the ball, grabbing it, and starting over again.  Jensyn was happiest just holding her club & ball, but not really playing. 



Since kids 3 & under golf for free, it wasn’t too pricy for our family.  With that in mind, we let each child pick one extra activity. 

Max chose to go on the go-carts with Daddy.  I have no pictures of that since I was with the other two kiddos at their choice, but Max was THRILLED to tell me they had the fastest car…a purple car…and they beat all the other cars.

The other two kids chose to get a wristband for the inflatables.  Jensyn surprised me by being able to climb all the way up the giant slide!  She went down without any trouble, holding Alex’s hand.  On her second try, Alex didn’t hold her hand & she chickened out.  Alex climbed up to rescue her, but she was leaning out to reach for him and she came down head first that time.  After that, she refused to go on the big slide…can’t say that I blame her!


This is a terrible video, and it’s sideways  which makes it even worse.  I was hoping to capture the joy of these two going down together the second time.  Instead, I captured a sad Jensyn waiting for big brother to come back for her…

After that, she stuck with the crocodile inflatable, where you could play inside or go down a smaller slide.  She giggled and giggled, doing it again and again.


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