Monday, January 28, 2013

The Teensiest “Mineyman” and other randomness

Jensyn calls Spiderman “Mineyman” or “Mynoman”.  She brought me the boys’ costume a few days ago, and she wnted to wear it.  The legs are all bunched up so they don’t drag on the ground, and the arms are rolled up so her hands will stick out the end.  She had a great time dancing with Hokey Pokey Elmo while dressed as Spiderman.  I love the silly moments Smile


We gave Alex a Wii Nickelodeon Fit game on his actual birthday last month, and his Aunt Donna gave him the Wii Nickelodeon Dance game at his birthday party last weekend.  The kids have really been enjoying these games! 


(Max would like to play in as lazy a way as possible. Jensyn doesn’t understand, but we give her a remote with no batteries and she has a great time!)


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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness cute spiderman you have there!! Sammy loves the Wii Fit game! I need to bust that out this week when its rainy! I will have to look into the dance one!