Thursday, January 31, 2013

Angry Birds Tot School

I was browsing Google Reader early Monday morning when Alex crawled in bed to snuggle with me.  He immediately noticed that there was an Angry Bird printables set on my Kindle screen, and he instantly said, “Mom, are WE doing that for Tot School today?”

Well, we are now, buddy! Open-mouthed smile

I downloaded the pages from Homeschool Creations and printed them while the kids ate breakfast.  As soon as they finished breakfast – before I’d even cleaned the table, as you’ll see – they were ready to get going.  Do you think they were excited?!


Max did the prewriting and the maze all by himself.  I was surprised by how quickly he made his way through the maze!



Alex had fun doing the beginning sound page.


Mr. Max proved he knows all his numbers!  I was VERY impressed with his counting and circling.  I guess he’s ready to learn his written numbers now.  (All in his OWN time frame – pushing it would be foolish – just follow the child’s lead!)


Max glued the birds and pigs in the correct places in the mini book.  This was harder for him than I thought it would be.  (Glue the bird UNDER the structure, glue the pig ABOVE the bird, etc.)


Alex took his turn counting & circling the correct number.


Alex did beginning sounds and found the A and a letters.


Jensyn colored on a Spiderman maze (leftover from Alex’s party) while we worked.


Alex wanted to try the More, Less, or Equal page.  I thought it might be a little hard for him, as some of my second grade students used to struggle with learning signs > and <.  Alex surprised me, though, and did it (with dry erase) immediately!  It’s hard to see because of the reflection of the camera flash, but he got them all correct!


I didn’t get pictures of everything, but the boys were sure excited about these pages!

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Lindsay said...

What fun!! Sammy hasn't seen these but we are totally going to use them soon! Woohoo on both boys doing such a great job with their math skills!