Friday, January 25, 2013

January Photo Dump

(I might have stolen that phrase from a friend’s blog…sorry for being a thief, Lindsay, but the phrase fits this post!)

A rare moment – all 3 kids quiet & watching TV together.  I wouldn’t have chosen Barney, but hey, if it buys me 15 minutes of peace, I’ll take it!


Grace brought butterflies to color last week.  I didn’t realize Alex understood much about symmetry on butterflies until I saw how he wrote his name on the wings….

I can’t believe he was able to think it through & write his name backwards so well!

IMG_7460    IMG_7459

The kids learned that Jesus is our King in their Wednesday night church class a few weeks ago.  Alex asked me to make crowns for everyone the next night.  I didn’t get a picture of Alex, but here are the two little ones coloring in their crowns.


Our family got nailed by the stomach flu a few weeks back.  Poor Max had it the worst.  We thought he was over it, and 24 hours later…it came back with a vengeance.  This was the sickest I have EVER seen my poor boy.  For 2 days straight, he just LAID there.  He didn’t care what was happening around him….didn’t want TV or stories…nothing…just merely existed.  I *hate* seeing my poor kiddos like that!


THIS is what we’re starting in February.
Opening this package was like Christmas morning for Mama! Open-mouthed smile


Max’s crazy hair after a nap


My little hat-lover


ALWAYS asking to draw or color…

Jensyn came to me one day  and said, “Mama, I want to DIE!”
Well, THAT caught my attention.   It took me a few tries to understand that my baby girl wants to DRAW.  Now she asks to draw every single day.  She is usually very good about keeping her coloring on the paper, but we have had a few mishaps with ink on the couch :/


Alex built Jensyn a grocery bag playhouse under the kitchen table.


I worry about my boys. 
WHY, oh WHY, is this fair maiden hanging from her arms off of the castle railing?! Smile


Dr. Jensyn


Looks like  I need to get a few more photos of Alex in action in the month of February.
It’s tricky because he’s usually trying to hide as soon as I pull out the camera!

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Anonymous said...

hehe steal away my friend! I am not sure I came up with the title either! I had to giggle about the woman hanging from the castle!!