Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Party #3

I thought I had this post scheduled, but I realized it never showed up on the blog.  So now I’m trying to rewrite it from memory!  It may not be as detailed as it should have been, but at least it’s here…a month late! :/

Our last Christmas party was at Grandma & Grandpa P’s house with Keith’s parents, Keith’s brother’s family, and our family.  We got together at around 11 AM on Christmas Day for presents and a delicious Christmas dinner.

I’ll write about these pictures in the order they showed up in Live Writer because I am too lazy to rearrange them to chronological order ;)   

Keith and his brother exchange gag gifts each year based on what’s going on in each guy’s life.  


Recently, Kevin was having some trouble with his computer, so Keith designed a “computer repair kit” for him.  It included items like:

a golf club (in case he needed to replace a driver)
ginseng (in case it was a computer memory issue)
a (pretend) gift certificate to Pella Windows (in case he needed to reinstall Windows)
Halls Defense cough drops (in case his computer had a virus)
a toy mouse (in case he needed a new mouse)
a small spiral notebook (to replace his computer with the newest trend: a tablet)
a hammer (in case all else fails…)
…there were a few more, but that’s what comes to mind right now

Kevin gave Keith a head razor and a can of Barbasol and told him it was time to “embrace the baldness”.  Then, he gave him a second package in case he was too chicken: the bald mans’ comb:


Jensyn received more baby dolls and accessories, a Toys R Us gift card, kitty pajamas,

Alex received new roller skates, light-up Spiderman shoes, a Spiderman playset, a renewal to his High Five magazine, a LeapPad game…

Max received a new scooter, light-up Cars shoes, a Captain Hook playset, a subscription to a magazine, a Leapster game, a mudpie making kit…


Annie gave the boys empty wrapping paper tubes Open-mouthed smile


Daddy received a Bears calendar, two pairs of pajamas pants, and a donation to Show Hope.

Mama received socks, a devotion book, a new frying pan, and a new cookie sheet.


We exchange names, and this year we bought for Leanne and Kevin.
We also bought for Nana, Kyle & Jessica.


LOTS of Christmas for our family…and this party concluded it all Smile

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful christmas! I love the gag gift idea!! How fun! My softball team did that at the end of the year and I LOVED it!