Thursday, August 2, 2012

Minnie Mouse Has A Tummy Ache

Before I forget…

Max just walked up to me carrying Mr. Potato Head dressed as Minnie Mouse. 

August2012 025

He looks up at me and says, very seriously, “Minnie Mouse has a tummy ache, Mom.”

I said, “Oh no!  I hope she will be okay.”

Max replied, “Do you want to see WHY Minnie has a tummy ache?”
(Or, really… “Do woo want to see WHY Minnie ‘as a dummy ache?”)

He then proceeded up open up the Potato Head and show me what was inside. 

Six plastic strawberries.

August2012 024

He said, “Minnie ate too many strawberries, so she got a tummy ache.  Strawberries are good for you, but you should never eat too many strawberries.  You will get a tummy ache.”

Not the funniest thing ever, but SOOOO cute in the way he said it so seriously! 

I just love the way he talks at almost three.  He’s got a lot goin’ on in that little brain! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Seriously cute!! I love that he was serious about it! A good lesson to learn so young :-) I have a few I need to write down! hmm off to write it down now!