Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jensyn – 14.5 months

Originally written in late June 2012

When we found out we were having a girl, I think both Keith & I pictured a GIRL…you know, frilly and pink and sweet as can be.  Jensyn IS those things, but she’s so much more – she’s feisty, funny, and full of energy.  I think this little girl will be keeping us on our toes!

June2012 181

She loves to climb, loves to chatter, loves to eat, has no problem with getting dirty, and enjoys a good game of chase…although she’s fairly easy to catch since she’s not walking yet.June2012 124

Jensyn has such a sparkle in her eyes.  Her little personality just SHINES if you spend any time around her. 

June2012 179
She’s quieter in public -  more restrained, just taking it all in with her beautiful eyes.  When she’s in her own environment, though, watch out!  You’re going to see a spunky little girl who keeps us all laughing.

June2012 182

Did I mention that she loves to eat? ;) 

On this night, we had mashed potatoes.  Jensyn finished hers and asked for more.  (“Moh!  Moh!”)  I gave her more.  She finished those and asked for more.  I gave her more until the pan was empty.  She cried with the saddest little eyes, and I broke down and handed her the serving spoon.  She licked that thing CLEAN! 

If you’re wondering,  she ate her pork and carrots before getting the extra potatoes! ;)

  June2012 184 June2012 183June2012 185

Jensyn talks up a STORM every day.  She tends to be quiet when we’re out shopping or when strangers talk to her, but when she’s in a comfortable environment, she jabbers non-stop.  It’s adorable!

When she talks, I’m reminded of the children’s book Knuffle Bunny.  Trixie, the little girl in the story, truly believes she’s talking even though she’s really just making up nonsense words.  That’s Jensyn to a tee!

She does have a handful of real words:
Moh! (more)
Dee! (doggy or daddy)
Da-dee! (just beginning to use this for daddy)
Bow (ball)
bye-bye (beginning to use more often)
hi (uses on occasion)
bee-die (birdie – just beginning to use this)
dee-die (kitty – just beginning to use this)
…and she’ll throw in a random word every once in a while to surprise us!

please (although she hits the table/high chair tray instead of her chest)
bye-bye (also for nigh-night)

Jensyn is totally & completely in love with pets.  She loves dogs, kitties, birds, chickens (at the farm while camping), and rabbits (at Kevin & Annie’s house).  Her whole little body just shakes with excitement when animals are around.  She adores them!

She doesn’t watch much TV (unless I’m taking a shower…), but she LOVES praise song DVDs.  We have two older videos on VHS that she loves to watch.  I’m hoping she’ll enjoy the two we have on DVD, as those are coming along for car entertainment on vacation!

She loves to be outside.  Her big brothers often forget to close the door tightly, and she has escaped the house on more than one occasion.  This is SCARY to me, of course, and it takes real effort to make sure she’s safely in the house at all times.

She’s a climber.  She LOVES to climb slides, and she’s getting pretty fast at it.

(And at this point, as Jensyn is almost 16 months and I’m just pulling this post from draft mode…I’m going to post it “as-is” just because it needs to be posted!  Love you, Jensyn, and I hope you understand that Mama DOES care.  Better late than never, right?)

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I love reading about your little cuties personalities and how they are growing but I KNOW they will love to read these when they are older!