Sunday, August 19, 2012

Max’s Pirate Party

Max will be turning 3 on Friday, August 24th.  We had his big family party today at our house, and it was LOTS of fun!  Max has been saying for about 6 months that he wanted a Jake & The Neverland Pirates party.  He most certainly got his wish!  He even got to *BE* Jake!

August2012 147

Once again, I’m thankful for all of our family’s help in decorating cakes, bringing food, and sewing costumes.  Keith’s mom & niece made the amazing pirate cake, my mom & sister Deb brought food, and my mom helped me make the kids’ adorable costumes.  (Truth be told, my mom made the costumes…I just found the plans & acted as her assistant…)

My mom & I worked together to make these costumes for the kids…we started with the tutorial found HERE for Jake’s vest, and from that my mom was able to create the simple Cubby vest for Alex.  I bought a pack of plain white t-shirts, cut the edges of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt to make them jagged, and then cut the front & laced an old shoelace through it.  Mom sewed a pair of red shorts for Alex, and we just cut a simple strip of red for Max’s headband.  Max’s pants are blue skinny-jean capris, size 4T, from the girls’ section at Walmart…don’t tell him that part! ;)  (Jensyn’s costume is Garanimals pants & a shirt from Walmart, a pink bandanna, and a “pixie dust pouch” left over from the party favor bags at my niece’s wedding.)

August2012 151

I made labels for all the food, just for fun…designed, printed, laminated, and taped to shish kebak sticks.  I have to give a little credit to Lindsay for the inspiration!

Rolos, Hersheys w/ Almonds, Chocolate Coins = Pirates Gold
Veggie Crisps = Pirate Planks

August2012 119 August2012 120

Doritos = Captain’s Crunch
Fruit Salad = Berry’d Treasure

August2012 121  August2012 122

Pickled Cucumbers = Seaweed
Meatballs & Sauce = Cannonballs

August2012 123 August2012 124

Ice Bucket = Shiver Me Timbers
Gumdrops = Jewels

August2012 125 August2012 127

Veggies = Walk The Plank Veggies
Not Pictured: Hash Brown Casserole = Golden Treasure

August2012 182

Once again, Grandma P and cousin Jessica made an amazing cake!  They made Bucky, Jake’s ship, floating on a blue sea…with a dolphin and some shark fins in the water.  The boat had a cannon, barrels made from Rolos,  and a pile of cannonballs & a treasure chest full of gold.  They added the figurines of Jake, Captain Hook, and a crocodile. August2012 129 August2012 130 August2012 132

August2012 173

We couldn’t find a stuffed Scully – the Disney Store was sold out – so I printed one from an image on Google & hung him over the kitchen table.  The banner is from, I think.

August2012 128

Party Pictures…


August2012 141

August2012 140

Jensyn ate TWELVE meatballs!
Where does she put these things?  She only weighs about 20 lbs!

August2012 144

present time

August2012 150  August2012 152

Max got almost all of the pieces for the
Jake & The Neverland Pirates playset from the Grandmas!

He also recieved:
Jake & The Neverland Pirates DVD
veggie straws chips (Aunt Annie knows he loves these!)
Spiderman helmet, water bottle & bike bell
a treasure chest filled with Jake accessories
Jake & The Neverland Pirates t-shirt
storage case for his Leapster
Spiderman ball
pirate coloring books

August2012 155 August2012 156 August2012 161  August2012 165 August2012 170

playing with their new Jake & The Neverland Pirates Playset – Bucky, Captain Hook’s Battle Boat, lots of Jake & friends action figures…

August2012 184 August2012 163August2012 177August2012 183

August2012 180

Grandma P & “Izzy”

August2012 136

all tuckered out – it’s hard work being a pirate girl!

August2012 134

August2012 137 August2012 138   

toddlers – content to play with the packaging :)

 August2012 172     

We were so glad to have my sister & her family from Wisconsin with us today!  They can’t always make it, but we sure love when they come!  We also had all the grandparents, all mama’s brothers & sisters and most members of their families (minus Aunt Janice, Justin, and Derek), Nana, and Uncle Kevin’s family (minus Uncle Kevin).

We’ll be having a few neighbor children over for a “mini party” this coming Saturday…just a few games, playtime, lunch, cupcakes, and party favors...but no presents.  The boys are really looking forward to this!

Maxwell, where have the past three years gone?  You are growing up so very fast, and we love to see you learning and changing as you grow.  You are one VERY loved little boy!  I hope you enjoyed your “Jake ee da Neveeewand Piwates” party!


Gina said...

What a great party - LOVE the decorations and cake!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up in my reader and saw I missed this post! What a great party! I loved that I inspired the food names! What a great party Max had! Sammy loves that show too! We don't have cable so he has only seen it twice but wishes he could watch it more!