Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter Tot School

(Alex is 4 years, Max is 2.5 years)

My neighbor – a mom of three little ones - recently asked how I balance tot school, a baby, babysitting, and keep up with the house.  The answer is easy…I don’t!  My house gets beyond messy.  If you peek at the background of these photos, you’ll often see a full garbage can, a messy counter, or a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.  You don’t see my overflowing basket of clean laundry, waiting to be folded.  You don’t see that, while I attempt to keep the main rooms of the house fairly clean 90% of the time, my bedroom is a disaster 100% of the time!  So, take heart – I am HUMAN!  I do not have my act together!  :)

We play and learn every morning, but most is casual…playdough, fingerpainting, reading stories, doing puzzles, playing Candyland or Memory Game during baby’s morning naptime.  The rest of their time is spent playing with Thomas trains, Hot Wheels, pretend playing doctor’s office or McDonald’s workers.  That’s how it should be.  They’re little.  Life is meant to be full of learning through play!

Wednesdays are usually the only day that we sit down all together and have a focused learning time.  I generally only take tot school pictures on Wednesdays, since that’s when we do the bulk of our “school work”. The kids are bouncing with excitement when I put the baby down for her morning nap and they get to come to the table.  They love Wednesday mornings! 

This is two weeks worth of pictures:

First, the Easter Blessings pack…

Sorting uppercase and lowercase Rs

April2012 039

shadow matching

April2012 017


April2012 018 April2012 038

learning to write R, r

April2012 020

finding and stamping R and r

April2012 022

April2012 025

circling what’s different

April2012 023 

Ordinal Numbers – circle the fourth cross, cross out the third lamb, etc.
Alex is getting pretty good at these!

April2012 026 April2012 027

coloring the lamb’s bow…

April2012 032April2012 034

circling the smallest

   April2012 029April2012 037


Next, the Easter Fun pack…

…and a smiling baby girl pic that somehow slipped in here…
I could delete it, but I’ll leave it for you to admire her cute little grin…

March2012 093

Eager to see what we’ll learn today…

March2012 095

Ten Part Puzzle

March2012 096 March2012 097

Shadow Matching

March2012 098 March2012 099

a rather hilarious attempt at a three part puzzle…

Max is 2.5 year old, can count to 20, understands one-to-one correspondence while counting, but DEFINITELY doesn’t recognize written numbers to put them in order.
(Nor do I expect him to know.)
He thinks he knows, though, and he tried and tried to get it right!

March2012 100

Size sequencing

March2012 101 

thinking, thinking…He *almost* got it right.

March2012 102March2012 103 

color sorting…
Max is in love with “chapstick” right now, as he calls glue sticks.
Any pages that he can do with “chapstick” make him giddy!

March2012 105

Alex…my goofball!

March2012 108March2012 111

Easter Path page

March2012 106 March2012 107  March2012 109

Do A Dot
Max only uses green. 
He doesn’t know his colors by name yet, but he knows that green is his favorite.

 March2012 110

Counting Mat

  March2012 112 March2012 114

Find & Stamp the letter
Max really wants to get these right, and often he does.
He does NOT recognize letters by name yet, but if I show him an E,
he can find and stamp all the Es.

March2012 113

What’s different

  March2012 115 March2012 116

Max just learned to make circles.  I love the swirly one on top.

March2012 117

Count and Match

March2012 118

playing the memory game with Mommy

March2012 119 March2012 120

Afterwards, we gave Max all the memory game cards and he made matches.

March2012 121

There ya have it…two weeks of Easter tot school…
only 3 more weeks of tot school pictures to catch up on posting! :)

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Anonymous said...

What a fun time you guys had! Our bedroom is an obstacle course or at least that is what Tim and I tell each other :-)