Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April “Photo Dump” Post

Jensyn’s new raincoat & hat from Aunt Donna

April2012 007

This was an impromptu photo session with all three kiddos…a failed attempt at getting all three lined up & smiling, but at least they were happy!

April2012 011 April2012 008 April2012 009 April2012 010

We’re back to chilly weather again, but we enjoyed the warm days while they lasted.  We ate picnic lunches outside and had water fights with the hose!

April2012 012 April2012 013

Little Miss looked longingly out the back door as her brothers played on the swing set while Mama was cooking dinner.  She “yelled” happily to her brothers to get their attention.

April2012 016  April2012 015

The boys went bowling for the first time!  My sisters and their kids were on spring break, so we met for lunch at Steak & Shake and then headed to the bowling alley.  We’re so sad that Daddy had to miss this, as the boys were hilarious and super excited.

April2012 042April2012 046April2012 070 April2012 072    April2012 048 April2012 051  April2012 053 April2012 054 April2012 055 April2012 058 April2012 060April2012 064 April2012 068  April2012 067 

We took Grandma & Papa out for dinner for the anniversary.  Max was wiggly by the time we finished eating, and he took a few minutes to “hang out” in this little cubby under the server’s station.

April2012 176 April2012 175

This little stinker is showin’ off her fashionable new washcloth hat.

April2012 200 April2012 198

FINALLY, last week Friday, Jensyn got finally figured out that standing is fun!  She knew how, but she really never cared to do it.  Now, she’s standing.all.the.time.  There’s no sitting for this girl anymore!  She’s either crawling at super-speed or standing.

April2012 201

Since the boys had so much fun bowling, and since we had a free Saturday afternoon, we took the kids to our local bowling alley.  They weren’t quite so excited this time around, but it was still a good time. 

 April2012 204April2012 202 April2012 203  April2012 205

Max was in a feisty mood!  We had bumpers for the boys, but he was DETERMINED that it would be more fun to roll his ball down the gutter.  He tried and tried to sneak past us and roll his ball down the gutter on the neighboring lane.  When he finally realized we wouldn’t let him, he decided to just hang out under the ball return.  2 year olds – they keep life interesting! ;)

April2012 208April2012 207April2012 206    April2012 210

Jensyn clapped and cheered for our little bowlers.

April2012 211 April2012 212 

Since it will NEVER happen again, I would like to point out that I beat my husband.  (He’s the top score; I’m the bottom one.)  Certainly 136 is not a great bowling score, but Keith is a much better bowler than I am…and he only had 104.  He kept slipping & sliding all over the floor.  We don’t know if it was his shoes, or what the deal was.  All I know is, I have to keep this to prove I beat him…once. ;)

April2012 213

And there ya have it – the month of April in random photos.

Next up, Easter pics…

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Anonymous said...

What fun!! Sammy has yet to go bowling but I think its in the plan soon! I think scoring anything over 100 is good ;-) I am usually there with you as well! Love the raincoat and the photo shoot!