Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tot School – November (34/35 Months)

It shouldn’t be surprising that our main focus in November was Thanksgiving…and turkeys!

This turkey is, by far, my FAVORITE thing that Alex made.  I believe it’s from 2TeachingMommies.  You can tell I offered guidance on the facial features…and the rest was up to Alex.  I showed him what the finished product should look like; he chose how he wanted it to look! :)

December2010 081

Alex enjoyed gluing the colored feathers in the correct places on this turkey craft from Making Learning Fun.  He struggled with pink/purple and with recognizing gray.  (I’d never worked on GRAY before, and we’ll be working on black, white, and gray in January.)

November2010 021November2010 022

We also did this turkey magnet page, and later did the same page with bingo markers – both for fun and to review the letter T.  Alex has a love/hate relationship with magnet pages.  I just never know if it’s going to be a FUN activity or a “don’t make me do this…” kind of day. November2010 016

I believe this page is from the 2TeachingMommies website.

Here’s the bingo-markered version…which is oddly turquoise.  I guess he got tired of the brown. ;)December2010 030 

With working in our Kumon book and printing some of these pre-writing activities from some of our favorite sites, Alex is starting to do a fairly good job of controlling a pencil/crayon/pen.  I haven’t worked with him on proper grip yet…should I?November2010 017

I always ask him to trace the line with his finger before I hand over the pen.  Then I encourage him to go v-e-r-y slowly.  This page is from the 1plus1plus1equals1 ~ aka the Tot School website. November2010 018

We also did this Color By Number turkey.  It’s a fine line, encouraging Alex to stay in the lines, but not to color just the number.  With guidance, he understood the concept, though, and that’s what matters. 

 November2010 019 November2010 020 

I know we did more.  I just can’t seem to find any photo evidence to prove it!  (I’m switching from my old camera to a borrowed camera to a brand-new camera…and I’m having trouble sorting pictures in the shuffle!)  We read lots of turkey books, tried to talk about being thankful (he’s a little young to catch the concept), and did lots of baking together.

We’ve done a LOT of Christmas activities already, and it’s only December 7th.  Perhaps we’ll post a little more often this month! :)

To see what other tots are doing, check out the Tot School post at http://1plus1plus1equals1.blogspot.com


Allison said...

I just realized that Alex is almost 3!!! I can't believe it.

Lindsay said...

What fun! love his color by number he did a great job!