Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s A…

Most of you know, and I’ll drag it out just a bit for those of you who don’t ;)

Very early on in this pregnancy, Alex came up to me as I was on the couch.  He lifted my shirt just a little and pressed his little face against my belly.  I asked him what he was doing.

He replied, “I’m wooking in your bewwy button to see my new baby sistuh.”

I said, “You can see the baby in there?

Alex answered, “Yes, and she’s my baby sistuh!”

Huh…Well, there you have Alex’s opinion on the baby’s gender.  He’s so sure that he’s claimed the one and only baby doll in our house, dressed in pink, and spent a some time with this little girl – which he named Maxwell Corbin. (Ha!)

Keith and I, on the other hand, were pretty sure the new baby was going to be a boy.  Quite sure, really…and afraid that Alex would end up being disappointed.

A few days before the ultrasound, I asked Alex what he would think if the baby was a boy.  (I wanted to prepare him for the possibility.) He gave me a funny look and said, “It can’t be a boy, Mom.  She’s my baby sistuh.”

So, moving on to November 22nd – Ultrasound Day.  Max stayed home with Papa, but Alex came along to see his new baby with Mommy & Daddy.

The ultrasound tech (Susan) started checking out the baby and taking measurements.  This little one was squirmy – all over the place!  We even have a picture of the baby with a foot by the forehead!

This baby was also not very willing to show off anything.  Susan had me flip to my left side, my right side, all different positions – hoping this little one would move just a bit. After MUCH effort, Susan said, “Well, it looks like you’re having a GIRL!”

It got really quiet.  Keith was crying, and my eyes were filled with tears.  After Susan showed us the “for sure” shot, I turned to Alex and said, “Little Boy, you’re going to have a baby SISTER!”

His reply?  “I know that, Mom.”

For those who are wondering…her name is Jensyn.  We’ve had that name picked since before we were married!  Several websites show that the meaning is “Gracious Gift of God”, and she most definitely is!

If she’s born on her due date, she’ll be named Jensyn Elizabeth.  (My nephew Derek’s birthday is also the baby’s due date, and he wants us to name her Elizabeth.)

If she’s born any other day, she may be Jensyn Kate or maybe still Jensyn Elizabeth…or maybe a different middle name altogether!  We’ll see :)

We’ve enjoyed sharing this news with family & friends.  Any baby would be a blessing, but a girl?  We’re having a GIRL!  Finally, polka dots and butterflies and PINK!  We are thankful and THRILLED!  April can’t come soon enough!

(Post written while 4 children are napping in various rooms, and I can’t get at the u/s pictures to scan them…I’ll have to add ‘em in later!)


Allison said...

Yippee!!! How fun that you get to have a girl this time. I think it's special to be a mom of both. You're going to love having a little girl too. The good news about having 2 older won't have to worry about boys hanging around. They'll make sure those guys stay far, far away. I'm sure that'll thrill Keith. :-) Blessings to your growing family! Oh, and great name. I'm glad you get to use the name you have been saving just for her!

Lindsay said...

oo yay congratulations! How very exciting!!!

The Hamstras said...

Aww, I'm so very, very happy to have another little Purdy baby to hug and play with. She's very lucky to have you :)

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Congratulations! Little girls are so fun.