Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowflakes & Santa Claus

(This is sitting in my “Live Writer” drafts…no clue if I’ve posted it, and I’m tired of looking at it.  So, here’s one very outdated post from mid-December!)

This past Saturday was our first “real” snowfall of the season.  Thankfully, it happened on a Saturday, so Daddy got the joy of seeing his little ones playing in the first snow of the year.

December2010 062

Max had been walking in the garage while I unloaded groceries one day last week, and he fell (with bare hands) into a small bit of snow in the driveway.  He cried and cried about that cold, wet feeling on his hands.  I was worried he wouldn’t like playing in the snow on Saturday, but since he had mittens on, he *loved* it!

 December2010 049 December2010 050

Alex was pretty excited about it, too.  He quickly learned that his SANDBOX is not much fun in the snow, though! ;)

December2010 051 December2010 058

Daddy pulled out the sled, and both boys giggled and smiled as we took turns pulling them around the yard.

December2010 052  December2010 056 December2010 055  December2010 057  December2010 059 

Later in the day, we headed over to the tractor store for their Christmas Open House.  SANTA comes there…and who can resist Santa on a sleigh pulled by John Deere Gators? ;)

Both boys willingly sat by Santa.  Alex took it very seriously, and he told Santa that he wanted a Gator for Christmas.  This took his mommy & daddy by surprise, as he’d told us he wanted Santa to bring him a tractor…and that’s what “Santa” had already picked for the boys!  (Thankfully, later in the day, Alex told us he really wanted a tractor.  I told him I’d call Santa after Alex went to bed, letting him know that Alex changed his mind.)

Max was fine with sitting by Santa, but he just stared up at the strange red man with big, blue eyes.  His picture blocked his face, so the lady offered to take another picture.  Max cried and cried about sitting by Santa for the second time, though, so we just stuck with the first picture!

Fun at the Tractor Store:

driving a real gator…

December2010 063

trying out the 12” bike…which he could ride pretty well!

December2010 066

driving the toy Gator…

December2010 064

telling Mommy that he wished Santa would bring him everything in this pile…

December2010 065

I really believe in keeping CHRIST as the main focus of Christmas (and it will show in our Tot School posts this month, I’m sure…) but a little Santa stuff thrown in is definitely fun for the boys! :)

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