Monday, December 20, 2010

The Box

We’ve been having some issues with our water pump lately, and we ended up having someone come out to install a new part.  (THANK THE LORD, it was still under warranty for 2 more months, so we didn’t have to pay $150!)

December2010 110

Keith offered to throw out the old part, but the man said he needed it for the warranty.  He offered to give Keith the box, which Keith brought into the house for the boys.

December2010 109

Oh, what fun the boys have had with this box in the past week!  I just threw it out a little while ago, and Alex sobbed!  There were big tears dripping down my little boy’s face, as he just didn’t want to let that box go.  It almost made me go and bring it in from the garage, but I resisted. (Our living room was ready to say goodbye after a week of housing this giant box!)

December2010 113

It’s been a crawl-in house, a place to stand up and peek out the little “window”, a slide, a bobsled…you name it!  (Alex liked us to stand him in the tall box, and then he’d let the box tip over so he fell to the ground.)  But now it’s falling apart and almost useless.December2010 108

Isn’t it amazing how much fun kids can have with one piece of trash?!      December2010 112


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the fact that its a cheap box that provides HOURS and HOURS of entertainment! Looks like everyone had a blast!

K-tribe said...

AHHH!! Boxes are great!!! Those boys are so cute!!1