Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Picture Post

Sometimes it’s good to flip through the pictures and remind myself that my boys are pretty cute little critters.  Since they’ve been exhausting and exasperating their mommy & daddy lately, I needed a good dose of “cuteness reminder” today…

Grace & Alex pretending to be dogs…

December2010 002

Alex, Max, and Grace running and running and running in circles…

December2010 004

A “kid pile” of Gage, Grace, and Alex…not sure where Max was!

December2010 023

“Singing” his guitar (as he calls it)

 December2010 032 December2010 033

Ah, there’s a story with this one.  See the stickers all over his face?  I gave Alex a sheet of Highlights stickers (courtesy of Aunt Deb, I believe…) to keep him busy at my midwife appointment the other day.  He stuck a few to the paper on the table, but it was *MAX* who wanted the stickers on that day.

I handed the stickers to Max one at a time, and he covered his whole face with stickers.  He didn’t want any of them removed, either.  He got smiles from Cheri (the midwife), from the nurse, and from everyone in the lobby as we were leaving.

We went to Meijer for groceries afterwards, and I figured I’d just let Max wear the stickers because he was so happy about it.  He got so many smiles and laughs from people in the store!  As we were standing in the checkout line, the lady in front of me did a double take, looked at my boys, and said “You!  I just saw you at Cheri’s office!  Your little boy made my day!”

Max now begs for stickers on his face every day.  Strange new obsession…but cute, nonetheless…

December2010 040

I just adore his wildly wavy hair after his bath at night! December2010 046Oh, and we wouldn’t want the dog to feel left out.  I’m not sure Maggie enjoyed this game of dress-up as much as the rest of us did…

December2010 067 December2010 068

First time letting Max eat yogurt independently:  It was interesting, I’ll tell you that! December2010 073

My little helpers – the mini-swiffer got passed down to Max today, now that he’s walking pretty steadily.  (Notice that, once again, Max has a sticker on his head.)

 December2010 078 December2010 079 December2010 080

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