Friday, October 1, 2010

Apple Picking!

Alex has been so excited to go apple picking.  For some reason, he really took an interest in our apple week for tot school.  He couldn’t wait to go visit an apple orchard!

September2010 157

I made the mistake of telling him the night before, so Alex was awake at 5 AM!  Since he’s not allowed out of bed until 7 AM, he eventually fell back to sleep (at 6:45) and slept until it was almost time to leave!  I had to quickly get some breakfast in him and get him dressed to go!September2010 172

We met Aunt Deb and Grandma S at a little orchard about 30 minutes away, and Alex had a blast!  It really was a joy to watch him get so excited about the apples.

He brought along Apple Farmer Annie, which we renewed from the library.  He had to show it to the workers at the orchard, silly boy!  The lady was so sweet to Alex, and he was excited when she gave him an apple bag of his very own.

September2010 160September2010 162

Even though I’ve heard great things about this little orchard, the apples weren’t anything special.  They were spotty and small.  They’ll be just fine, though, for the applesauce and pie filling we hope to make this weekend.

September2010 163

September2010 164

We could have found nicer apples and a lot more activities at another (more expensive) orchard, but this day was quiet and low-key and fun!

Thanks, Grandma & Aunt Deb, for helping to make this a FUN day for Alex…and for Max, too! 

Alex was so excited to show Daddy all of our apples when he came home from work, especially the little bag he’d filled on his own.  And I won’t tell you how many times he’s helped himself to a little apple snack this week.  Perhaps it’s a good thing these apples are tiny!

So, apple picking with Alex was a great success.  Now, who’s coming over this weekend to do a whole bunch of canning with me? ;)

The rest of the pictures:

Max helped Grandma pick some Red Delicious…

   September2010 179 September2010 174    September2010 165 September2010 166

September2010 167

taste-testing…not that he could really get his little teeth into that apple

September2010 169  September2010 171

   September2010 173  September2010 176

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Lindsay said...

What a fun time at the apple orchard! We love the little one by our house as well :-)