Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Special Day for Alex

A few weeks ago, Grandma & Papa P asked if they could take Alex to Toys R Us for a Thomas the Train event.  It turned out to be a low-key thing, with only one small train table for a gazillion kids.  That didn’t stop Alex from enjoying himself, though!  Here’s the proof…thanks to Grandma & Papa for sharing their pictures with us!  September2010 103September2010 104September2010 107 September2010 108 September2010 109 September2010 110 September2010 111

Papa helped Alex pick out a new train car (Diesel) as a special gift.  He also got a little packet with coloring pages, stickers, and a Thomas tattoo…which he wore proudly for days!  He was so excited to get home and tell us all about his fun day!  (They also got Max a cute little Shake & Go Thomas toy.)

What special day with the grandparents would be complete without a trip to McDonalds? 

September2010 112 September2010 113

Thanks, Grandma & Papa, for a fun day!  Mama enjoyed having Max to herself for the morning, too! :)

(Yes, I did use a full naptime to blog about a bunch of things and schedule them to post once a day.  Since I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, I thought it was time to work on getting caught up!)

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Lindsay said...

oo what a fun day with grandparents!! Looks like everyone had a blast!