Monday, October 4, 2010

Tot School (catching up)

(Alex is 33 months)

Well, I guess there’s very little evidence that we did a Cow theme. We did, although it took us two weeks and we still weren’t as thorough as we could have been. I took very few pictures, and I just didn’t consistently sit down to work with Alex in the morning. Hopefully, as I'm out of the first trimester and have a little energy again, we can do a little better from here on out!

Here are a few things we did in the past few weeks.

September2010 122

Cut & Paste – just when I thought Alex was getting good with the glue, he got carried away. It started out pretty nicely with one little drop of glue on the back of each egg.

September2010 119

And then he got a little carried away. I think this picture is after I cleaned up some of the mess. Can you see the amount of glue on the top piece? September2010 118

This car one was his FAVORITE! I supervised the glue, and he just ADORED “driving” the cars into the parking spaces. This one had to hang on the fridge for a while.

September2010 123 Just for fun…

September2010 125

Pompoms and tongs with Alex’s friend Grace…and yes, Alex is wearing a plastic fireman’s hat!

September2010 126 September2010 127Cow magnet page – I think it’s from Making Learning Fun. You roll the number dice, and then you put the correct number of magnets on the shape.
September2010 130 September2010 131Lots of cow-themed books…

Alex’s favorite was Daisy The Dancing Cow by Viki Woodworth. He giggled every time we read him the story! “Moo-ee! I’m a hoofer!” was quoted a lot in this house! :)

We also went apple picking to finish up our apple theme from a few weeks ago, and Alex enjoyed using the apple peeler-corer-slicer to make apple pie filling, too!

And that’s all we’ve got. We really did learn about cows and the letter C, I promise! We’re having lots of fun with leaves right now, so hopefully I’ll have a better post to share next week! :)

Check out the Tot School website to see what other tots are learning about this week!


Lindsay said...

Still looks like he had a lot of fun learning :-)

Giggly Girls said...

Growing a baby is hard work and you still got a lot done.