Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

October2010 037

Last weekend, we spent a fun morning at the pumpkin patch.  I have no pictures to prove it.  Ironically, I double-checked that Keith had grabbed extra camera batteries.  I did not double-check that I had the camera. Sigh.

October2010 035

Anyway, we met my friends Phonesavanh & John and their two kids – Bella & Gabe – to spend a morning having fun together at the bestest apple orchard/pumpkin patch around. 

To get to the pumpkins, we took a wagon ride pulled by a tractor.  This was Alex’s FAVORITE, of course! 

They dropped us off at the pumpkin patch, where Alex proceeded to examine every pumpkin in the field.  That may not be an exaggeration! Finally, Daddy convinced him to pick a pumpkin and Mommy chose a pumpkin for Max.  We also got some adorable pictures…on Phonesavanh’s camera, which doesn’t do me much good!

After that, we visited the gigantic gift shop to sample delicious salsas and fresh apple cider.  Max drank two dixie cups of cider! 

We headed outside to the kids farm, hay bale maze, and “Moo Choo” train.  Max & Alex loved the animals. Max was more fascinated than I would have expected him to be.  He really liked the chickens!  Alex enjoyed petting the animals, and he really enjoyed feeding grass clippings to the cows.  (Strange child…)

They had some kid-sized tractors near the hay maze, and Alex loved sitting on those!  He also had a chance to climb up and sit on a real tractor that was on display in the kids area.

After a long wait in line, Alex got to ride the Moo Choo.  He, as usual, took it very seriously.  This is one of those barrel trains, and it takes you out of sight of your Mommy and Daddy while you make a big circle.  He didn’t mind one bit!  He never cracked a smile, but we’re used to that – the first time he experiences something, Alex takes it very seriously!

Afterwards, we grabbed a box of fresh apple donuts and left in our separate cars to meet at McDonald’s for lunch.  Unfortunately, we weren’t clear on which McDonald’s we would go…and we ended up eating our lunches separately.  Oops.

When we got home, I snapped a couple of quick pictures of my two little boys who are VERY proud of their little pumpkins!  We’ll buy a bigger pumpkin to carve later, but for now, both boys are very happy with these little ones on the front porch!

 October2010 036

Should I ever get the pictures from Phonesavanh, I’ll be sure to add them to this post!

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Lindsay said...

What a fun time! This pumpkin patch sounds like a lot of fun!