Friday, October 22, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch pictures

It’s not too often you get a letter in the mail these days, with Facebook and e-mail available for communicating in a hurry.  I was surprised to find an envelope from Phonesavanh in my mailbox today with a letter and a stack of pictures.  So, I’m spent naptime scanning the pumpkin pictures and posting them here.


I’ll also add them into the original pumpkin patch post & delete this posting later on.  Here are our cuties, thanks to Phonesavanh’s camera…

All 5 kiddos - Mia, Bella, Gabe, Max, and Alex
(Mia is Bella & Gabe’s cousin)

pumpkin8 pumpkin1 pumpkin2  pumpkin4

Just try taking the snack cup away from this little boy.  Max is a cracker addict!  Therefore, all pictures of him have a snack cup in his hand.


 pumpkin6 pumpkin7

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