Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shrinking Max…

I did this with Alex when he turned one. Now Max gets a turn. How I wish I really could shrink you, Big Boy!

12 Months

August2010 451 11 Months

July2010 013 10 Months

June2010 219 9 Months

May2010 226 8 Months

April2010 224

7 Months

March2010 0726 Months

February2010 282 5 Months

January2010 293 4 Months

8x10 3 Months

November2009 035 2 Months

October2009 121(almost) 1 Month

September2009 022

blogheaderMax at one year old:

    • cruising furniture, walking behind push toys and kitchen chairs, but not yet confident enough to take off on your own
    • eating anything and everything that you can get to your mouth – dryer lint, sand, leaves, dog fur, and occasionally…food ;)
    • “wrestling” with Daddy & Alex
    • getting into cabinets and drawers
    • loves the basket of dog toys
    • very social – you LOVE people!
    • enjoy telling everyone bye-bye in your sweet little voice


    • You’re a slightly picky eater, but we make you try everything!
    • You LOVE baby food, and you’re not ready to give it up just yet. You squeal and shriek for baby food whenever you see a container of it!
    • Your favorite meal is probably macaroni & cheese or pizza.
    • You love graham crackers, ritz crackers, puffs, Fiddlestix breadsticks, noodles of all kinds, shredded cheese, small spoons of mommy’s soup, small chunks of soft fruit, and any kind of bread.
    • You do NOT love most meats. You’ll eat it when forced, but it’s not going in your mouth by choice.
    • You’re in the process of weaning, and you only nurse before bed & in the early morning. During the day, you’re getting better at drinking from a cup. You won’t drink straight milk, but milk/kefir mixed together is pretty yummy to you!
    • Tonight, I was chopping a raw onion for dinner. You squealed and squealed at me because you wanted a bite. I finally gave in, prepared for you to make a face and spit it out. Know what you did? You squealed for more! You ate 5 chunks of raw onion. (Your big brother loves it, too. Interesting, isn’t it?)


    • You enjoy your new Zany Zoo wooden cube from your aunts and uncles
    • You love your big brother’s Thomas trains, and you even make attempts to drive them in the train table – although it usually ends with you throwing trains at Mommy & Alex!
    • You love your musical table
    • when your brother lets you at it, you love your push walker
    • any small toys that your brother leaves out
    • whacky ball – and you’re dangerous with that hammer! ;)
    • soft toy balls – you love to throw!


    • Other than signing “more” for one day, you refuse to attempt any sign language – even if you recognize the sign when Mommy uses it.
    • Your only clear, definite, often-used word is “bye-bye”.
    • Your other words, although used sporadically, are: see, what’s that, hi, daddy, mmmm, mamamama
    • Your main form of communicating is SHRIEKING. Please, Max, could you learn a few words or signs before you cause permanant hearing damage for the whole family? :)
    • At one year old, you weigh 18.6 lbs – exactly what your big brother weighed at his one year visit. You’re barely on the charts with that weight, but you’re healthy and happy…and that’s what counts!
    • You have the funniest hair. It curls into little ringlets in the back, and it sticks up all over on the top of your head. It’s so cute that I’ll have a hard time dealing with your first haircut when the time comes!
    • You sleep from approximately 8:15 PM – 6:45 AM. You’re still waking up once at night, usually around 5 AM, to nurse. Don’t expect that to last much longer, buddy! Expect a few sips of water and a quick return to bed…
    • You nap every morning for 1 – 1.5 hours and every afternoon for 2 – 2.5 hours. I love your naps; you’re a very good sleeper!
    • You get to watch more TV than your brother did at this age, simply because Alex watches things. No show captures your attention just yet, but you like to watch the bright colors on just about anything.
    • You love for Mommy to rock and sing with you at naptime. I won’t rock you to sleep, but we sing until you relax. Your favorites right now are Hip-hip-hippopotamus and ___(I forget!)___ and we always end with God Is So Good.
    • You are the sweetest baby boy I know! WE LOVE YOU, Max!

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