Friday, September 24, 2010

Max’s Favorite Game

September2010 142

It’s funny how we fill our homes with Fisher Price, V-tech, Little Tikes, and all these other amazing toys…and our kids want a Huggies Wipes container.

I’ll admit, Max, that your mama really like Huggies, too!  Their wipes and their containers are MUCH better than Pampers flimsy excuse for wipes!  Huggies has a nice little rubbery flap inside that keeps the wipes moist AND makes for a nice little baby toy! (Oh, and CVS has a great deal on boxes of wipes this week if you use the two of the $2/1 coupon from  I wouldn’t pay more just ‘cuz I like ‘em better, ha!)September2010 143

Max can sit for 20 – 30 minutes with a stack of puzzle pieces and a Huggies container.  One by one, he drops the shapes in through the rubber flap.  It takes a little maneuvering to get them in at the correct angle, so it’s a skill-building game, too! When he runs out of puzzle pieces, Alex or I will open it and dump them out.  Max closes the container and starts again. September2010 141He can sit and do this multiple times a day!  He’ll play with his learning walker, mess with his brother’s toys, throw his little football around the living room…but those things all last about 5 – 10 minutes each.  His Huggies container?  HOURS of fun! September2010 144

So, if you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea for Max…just buy him some Huggies wipes! ;)

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Lindsay said...

What a fun activity for that age!! I bet soon he will love to take them back out of the box!