Friday, June 18, 2010

Tot School – Watermelon – 29 Months

Alex wasn’t ready to give up the caterpillars yet.  On Monday, when I told him it was time to do Tot School, he ran to get his size-sorting caterpillars.  It’s still taking some reminders from Mama, but he’s beginning to understand small, medium, and large.  June2010 165

Moving on to watermelon, we did this shape-matching activity from Confessions of a Homeschooler.   June2010 168

Most shapes were pretty easy, but the diamond and rectangles confused him a bit.  He’s into “thumbs up” lately, so Alex was giving me a thumbs up every time he made a match. June2010 169

This one is from Childcareland.  It’s a printout of a watermelon with two circles.  I printed two copies of the numbers 1 – 10.  I’d put a number in “my” circle, and Alex had to name it and put the matching number in “his” circle.  He really liked this! June2010 170 June2010 171

W is for Watermelon from Making Learning Fun.  He chose to do it with magnets this week.  (Every day this week!  He told me, “Mommy, I’ll do my own tot school right now.”) June2010 173June2010 185

And what would watermelon week be without WATERMELON?  It’s our first of the season, and he’s one excited boy!

June2010 191

I think he wants this one all to himself!  It’s a good thing I left the other half on the counter, ha ha!June2010 192

June2010 193

Most games say ages 3 and up, but I’ve been wanting to try teaching him a few simple games.  I’ve been eying this Memory game at CVS for a few weeks now, and finally decided to spend part of a free gift card to get it. 


June2010 195For our first try at the game, we only used 10 cards.  He seemed to understand the concept, but I think he might be overwhelmed if we played with all the cards.  We’ll try it a few more times with 10 – 20 cards and see how it goes.

June2010 196 June2010 197June2010 198

My friend Angie mentioned Hi Ho Cherry-0 yesterday, saying that she thought Alex would be ready for that game.  I *loved* that game as a child, but I’d kind of forgotten about it.  I looked for it before buying the memory game, but couldn’t find it anywhere in our little town.  We’ll have to be on the lookout for that one next time we’re shopping.

And last, just a couple pictures of my kiddo being cute…with band-aids on his knees…again.  He skinned them last Thursday, then fell and skinned them again on Sunday.  With two little boys, I might as well take stock in Bandaids and get used to it, huh?


June2010 177

If we’re not outside, this is where I’ll almost always find Alex…at the kitchen table with his cars and trucks.  This week, it’s been the car transported, the mechanic “guy”, and the John Deere gator.

June2010 174

The rest of our time this week was spent outside – playing, picnicking with family, taking walks, getting our new camper ready to go…but at least we got in some decent tot school time, too!

Have a wonderful weekend!  We’re heading out to try out the new camper – first time camping with two kids.  We’re hoping the storms hold off & we have a wonderful time…but even if they don’t, we’re making memories!  Just hopefully not sopping wet memories! ;)


Nicole said...

We used Hi Ho Cheerio as a color matching game this week. My son dropped the berries into the matching bowls and then would dump them back out again. He loved it. But this was definately a supervised son kept telling me the berries were candy! Um, no!

Lindsay said...

What a fun week! We have been playing tons of Hi Ho Cherrio lately. Hopefully you can find it soon! I got mine on sale at Target for $5. Love all the watermelon activities!