Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alex Counts to 12

Alex LOVES to count lately.  He’ll just randomly start counting in the strangest of places.  Yesterday, it was counting while going down the slide.  He sometimes gets stuck at 6, and he he’ll jump from 5 straight to 10.  Since I was video-ing (isn’t that a verb?!), I prompted him at 6 to make sure he could finish.

Don’t you love his attempt at thirteen and fourteen?  It cracks me up because he does this every time!

(Ignore the mess of scrapbook stuff in the background.  One of these days, I’ll clean it all up…since I no longer scrapbook, I’m not even sure why I keep the stuff!)


Wilson Ramblings said...

so cute! I love the pile of scrapbook stuff in the back... makes me feel so much better to know another mom has a stash too. I have a stash that I won't use again (thank you for digital printed books) and it's so far back into the junk room I can't even walk to it. One of these days... :)

The Hamstras said...

He's just too cute!