Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

May2010 121

We’re a few days late in posting this, but Max, Alex & Mama want to wish a very special Daddy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
May2010 344

Thanks, Daddy, for the tractor rides and tickles, the puddle splashing and the silly stuff that Mama doesn’t think to do with the boys.

May2010 065

Thank you, Keith, for being an amazing husband – a hard-working man who is so dedicated to his God and to his family.

May2010 080

WE LOVE YOU more than you’ll ever know!

   May2010 269

Jessica and Grandma P made this fun cake for “Taco”, as she calls Keith.  That’s the yummiest, sweetest taco I’ve ever sunk my teeth into.  Delicious, and so much fun!  (And what a way to announce Keith’s age to the whole bloggy world, oops!!)

May2010 277 Alex helped Daddy blow out the candles on his taco cake. 

May2010 278

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Anonymous said...

What a great birthday! Love the Taco cake!