Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas! (but Bah Humbug to the photos...)

The cards are in the mail, so most of you will have it in your hands soon. I'm getting better at Photoshop, but I have a long ways to go. It's better than last year's Photoshop card. Now to work on photographing two boys together...perhaps if my Nikon was still functional, I'd have hope of capturing that perfect shot. I miss that camera!

Blurry, but cute...
I could NOT get a smiling picture of both boys for the Christmas card. What an adventure that was! I gave up when Alex (accidentally) whacked Max in the face and his cheek turned all red.

These three were the best...and they are not all that great. I finally gave in & settled for a non-blurry, semi-nice picture of the two boys together.

Don'tcha just love the cheesy grin for a Christmas card? ;)

Next year, I'm doing what my friend Kathy did. She has 3 small photo boxes on her card, with a picture of each smiling child in his/her own individual box. Much cuter, and I'm sure it's much less stressful, too! Oh well, live and learn!

The chosen picture - with flailing baby hands and an "I'm tired of this" face.
At least Alex is smiling nicely...
Oh, and I changed the blog header to a blurry image just for now...because I love their little heads snuggled together. I'll change it to something better in January ;)

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Kat said...

I was thinking about doing what Kathy did too! I am SO ashamed of this, but at one point I totally snapped at Sam for not looking at the camera! :/ I was able to get some good shots, but there were TONS of bad ones!!! Perhaps you can teach me how to use my camera! Ha!