Saturday, December 12, 2009

Everyday Stuff

Another random photo post...sometimes, pictures just don't warrant a post of their own...but here are some little bits of our life in late November/early December.

We got a Wii! Techically, it's our Christmas present to each other. We opened it when Keith was off for a few days at Thanksgiving...and we had fun! Alex had been sick on and off, and this day was an "on" we didn't want to go out. Instead, we invited Grandma & Papa to come over and bowl with us.
I was trying to take a "thank you" picture of Max with his new handmade tag blankie and bib from my Aunt Shari. Alex just couldn't let me take a picture of Max in the big chair...he had to be included!
Oatmeal Scotchies with a few chocolate chips thrown in. Alex loves to "tir, tir, tir" with Mama, every chance he gets!

I think he's a little big for this...

I really hate this picture. I need a haircut desperately. But it's a picture of me with my boys...and those are few & far between.

It's probably pretty obvious that this tower has some symmetry...Alex didn't build it alone. He did insist that his sippy cup be included in the tower, though. Alex got hold of my camera when I was busy with Max one afternoon. I didn't even know he did it until I was loading pictures onto the computer, but we have close to 50 pictures of this snowman.

Here's why we gave up on a smiling portrait of Max.

Don't you usually empty the dishwasher while wearing a winter hat?
Alex is very into "fixing" baby's swing with his toy screwdriver.

Hey, who's that cute baby in the mirror? (By the way, this cute baby started rolling back-to-belly last week Monday, November 30th. He's growing too quickly!)

Max gets in on the holiday fun...

Daddy put up the front tree with the pretty colored lights and fun ornaments. Mama has a pretty snowman tree with white lights in the living room. Alex loves both, but he's most fascinated with Daddy's tree.

Mama constantly encourages him to keep his fingers off the ornaments. When you tell a little one not to touch the tree, but to "use his eyes" out. He might take you literally & actually touch the ornaments with his eyes! :)

Happy Thanksgiving! (The S family is a big bunch, and we even had a few extra guests this year.)

Uncle Dave & Aunt Jan's foster puppies (Alex is sitting with me right now, and he says, "Puppa! Puppa! Woof woof!")

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