Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Build A "Puppa" Workshop

A while back, Grandma S gave us a coupon for $5 off a Build A Bear. Since it would expire soon, Alex took his first trip to Build A Bear Workshop while we finished up our Christmas shopping yesterday.

He's still a little young to understand the process and the fun (and we need more stuffed animals in our house about as much as I need another hole in my head...) but Alex had been SUCH a good little boy during our morning of shopping! I just couldn't help but reward him.
I narrowed it down to a few animals, and Alex sort-of picked an adorable dog. I think he decided on this one. We can't be sure, as he kept tossing it back in the bins. I think he was just trying to put it back where it came from.
Watching the stuffing go 'round and 'roundAlex stepped on the pedal to help stuff his dog.
Almost finished

Putting in the heart after giving it a kiss

The bath part was a little scary. I don't think Alex expected the noisy blower.

Mama sat with him to help complete the birth certificate, but first, Alex had to try it by himself. The trick is naming a doggy when you don't quite understand the concept of names, so I quickly chose "Patch" since it fit the look of the dog. If I'd been thinking, I would have chosen "Puppa", which is Alex's word for dog.
Alex loves his Puppa! Puppa slept with him last night, all snuggled under his arm. Puppa took a nap with Alex today, too. He may soon be replaced by a different animal, but for now - Puppa is a hit.

Thanks, Aunt Deb, for being our photographer...and Grandma, for being our "Max Holder"!

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Kat said...

Sami was about that same age when we took her for the first time...I seem to recall it was for her 2nd birthday.

She has since fell in love with it!!! But with coupons and the build a bear club card she has actually built a few free ones! Of course...she's older now and free is not longer free because there are always outfits involved!!!!

Glad he is enjoying his little dog! =)