Friday, December 18, 2009

4 Month & 2 Year Doctor Visits

Now why couldn't they have smiled like this
for the Christmas card picture? Go figure.

This morning, the boys had their 4 month & 2 year well-baby checks. I know Alex is a big boy now, as he doesn't have another well-child visit until he turns 3. That sounds so far away!

I had my hands full of little boys, so I didn't take any pictures at the pediatrician today. Not a great loss. We all know what the mustardy-colored walls look like by now! ;) Instead, I'll put a few recent pictures of the boys in this post.

We made fudge last night, so Alex presented Dr. Brewer with a plate of homemade fudge this morning. He was eyeing it hungrily, so she kindly shared a BIG piece of fudge with my boy. I was surprised at how big the piece was, but I let him eat it. It turns out she thought she was giving him a brownie - not a big chunk of pure sugar - and she apologized after having a taste. Oops! ;)

Alex went to the doctor healthy & uninjured, and he left with an injury, but at least we were in the right place to get it checked out! Somehow, he tripped over his own feet in the examination room. He fell flat on his face, and he gave himself a nice bloody lip. Oops! After some Mommy-comfort, Dr. Brewer confirmed that his teeth are just fine.

Anyway, both boys are doing well. They survived their vaccinations. Alex didn't even cry except for one quick whimper. Wow! (Max, on the other hand, was very angry about being poked!)

Max is now 13 1/2 pounds and 25 1/4" long. His head circumference is 17". Dr. Brewer said Max will probably follow in his brother's footsteps, becoming another skinny kid. We can start solids at any time we'd like, but I think I'm going to hold off a little longer. He's doing exactly what a 4 month old should be doing, and she has no concerns. He does have eczema, just like his big brother. Sigh. We'll be going through a lot of eczema cream in this house!

Alex is now 23 pounds (down from 24, thanks to being sick for the past month) and 32" tall. His head circumference is 19 3/4".

This is how Alex occupied himself while I got dressed
today. I think I ought to be watching him more closely!
If you can't tell, all of our spice jars are in the (unplugged) toaster oven.

Still no peanuts for Alex. I mentioned that Alex has had trouble with peanuts twice since his allergy testing last year, so she said just to hold off on peanuts until he turns 3. Then we'll test again.

We faithfully brush Alex's teeth every night before bed, but she told us what we already know - we should be brushing his teeth twice a day. Alex HATES to have his teeth brushed. It's a huge battle! I feel guilty for not doing it twice, and now I guess we'll have to do it. I nominate Daddy to take over the evening brushing. I'm not sure I can fight that battle twice a day! Dr. Brewer recommended a pediatric dentist, so the first dentist visit will happen sometime in the next month or two. (Hey, Aunt Deb - she recommended a dentist near you. Would you like to babysit Max?)

It appears that I never posted on the blog about Alex's 4 month visit - at least not in a post called "4 month visit". I'll have to check his statistics another time, then come back to edit this post.


Allison said...

Have you started "brushing" Max's gums yet? We did it with our girls from birth, and they've never objected to teeth brushing. (**I have no idea what you did with Alex, so please don't think I'm suggesting you did or didn't.) A friend didn't do it until her son was much older, and he HATED it too. It was this big battle, and they only brushed his teeth once a day. He ended up with some bad teeth as a result -- cavities, etc. With her other two, she brushed them from birth, and their teeth have been fine.

I'm so impressed that Alex didn't get upset over his shots. Natalie FLIPPED when she had her flu shots recently. It took 3 of us to hold her down while she got it. She did learn a valuable lesson: if you fight it, you'll end up causing yourself more pain than if you had just cooperated.

Funny about the piece of fudge -- expecially that his pediatrician gave it to him. Oops. :-)

Dawn said...

Oh, I never replied...sorry!

We started brushing Alex's gums when he started solid foods, so I'll probably do the same with Max. I probably should do better, but...well...I guess I don't really have an excuse to finish that sentence. It's just lazy parenting on my part, I suppose.

We think Alex hates it because it hurts near his top front teeth. I'm not sure. He's been more cooperative in the past week or so, but he still hates to have us brush the top front teeth, and he acts like it might hurt. We'll talk to the dentist about it.

Yeah, I'm surprised Alex didn't fight it, too - especially since he went second, and he'd seen Max crying. Alex was a very good boy, though!

Allison said...

Does he have that flap thing attached close to his top teeth? I don't know how to describe it, but it attaches the lip to the top gums. I don't know if that makes any sense at all. Anyway, Natalie had that, and she seemed like it bothered her to have her tops brushed too. One day, it sort of pulled away some on it's own, and it's been much better for her. Just a thought.