Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alex's First Haircut

Alex got his first haircut today. Before Max was born, Daddy & I trimmed the back. This time, though, it was time to get a nice cut. Erica cuts my hair, so we decided to ask her to cut Alex's hair too. We love her, and she's good with kids!

Unfortunately, my camera screen stopped working, so I couldn't see how the pictures were turning out. I uess it's not any different from film cameras, come to think of it. I'm just so used to seeing the pictures as I take them.


Alex was very nervous about sitting in the chair, and his eyes filled with tears. He sat still, but he wasn't happy. We tried to talk to him and keep him calm, but it took a sucker from Erica to make it all better.

He was fine from that point on, although I don't think he really enjoyed it. Erica used the razor around his ears. Alex handled that better than I thought he would, but he always admires Daddy's razor, so maybe that's why?


Erica asked him to smile, and Alex gave us a nice (but quick) grin!

We left with a "first haircut" certificate that has a cut-out for that first clip of hair. Erica did SUCH a good job with a nervous little boy, and she (very sweetly) only charged us half price.

Grandma came along with us to see the first haircut, and she watched Max for us so Mama could have her hands free for Alex. Thanks, Grandma, for your help! We appreciate you! (Oh, and thanks for the McDonalds, too!)

Now I'm off to give some M&Ms to the little boy who is just waking up from his nap. After his haircut, we offered him M&Ms as a treat for being such a good boy, but he fell asleep in the car on the way home!
I plan to take Christmas card pictures tomorrow, so hopefully we'll show off some REAL "after" pictures soon!


Susie said...

OH Dawn he's so cute! LOL! I just did a post of Alton (my nephew)trimming his nails using the sucker so he'd sit still and made the comment how I used to use the suckers for my kids getting their hair cut! Then I come over and check your blog and there sits Alex with the sucker in his mouth getting a hair cut! LOL! Great minds think alike! Although Griffin was 4 months when he got his first hair cut! His hair grows so fast I think he'd could get it cut every 3 weeks! That's where hair gel has come in handy swooping his hair to the side to prolong hair cuts! I really need to learn how to do it...summer is good for buzz cuts though!

Kat said...

Yay for Erica! =) He,he!!!! (And yeah for Alex for being so good!)

Sami will be going soon for a haircut as well. She has been growing it for locks for love, and she has enough now. But she wants to wait to go to Miss Erica's house! =)