Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Don't Like Applesauce!

Mama and Daddy,

I love my rice cereal very much. That's why I ate every last bit of it tonight. I really wanted more. That's why I kept screeching at you, Mama. But let me make this perfectly clear: When I told you that I wanted more food, I meant more rice cereal. I most certainly did NOT want that applesauce you stuck in my mouth. Next time, please stick with the good stuff!

Okay, so I said that I wouldn't try any solids other than rice cereal until 5 months. Alex was still desperate for food last night, and I didn't have any more milk ready to mix with I grabbed some baby food applesauce and gave it a try. Yeah. That worked well! :) I'm in no rush, so I think we'll wait a bit before we try that again! Poor Alex...he's feeling tortured, and we're taking pictures! :)


Jeana said...

Yea, I think Alex likes applesauce just as much as McKayla likes her swaddle blanket!

Allison said...

Try using Enriched Rice Dream Rice Milk, if you need milk for his cereal. That's what I used for Eboni, and it was much easier than pumping everytime I needed it like I did for Natalie. I didn't buy formula for it, because breastfed babies don't typically like formula. Rice milk has that sweetness to it like breastmilk, so it often goes over well. It worked great for Eboni (a tip I got from a friend who did the same thing).

Oh, and smart Mommy. It goes much better to mix fruit in with the cereal when introducing it & to wait until they're a little older. They're a little more accepting sometimes. Although, there will still be those times when they raspberry it back at you. :-)

The Hamstras said...

I love that first picture!! I also love the new look to the blog and the collage of pictures at the top!!!

basketkat said...

I too love the new look of the top of your blog...very cute! :)