Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day! (Saturday)

A wise person would have cropped this picture before adding to the blog, but I'm pressed for time...Alex could wake up any minute! This was at the Mother Daughter Banquet on Saturday afternoon. We had 4 generations of Purdy (Duncan) family here. Alex was the only boy at the Mother Daughter banquet! :)

Here's Jessica with Alex. She spent a lot of time holding & caring for her cousin this weekend.
Here's Aunt Leanne with her nephew. She's a good auntie, but she's a little concerned about Alex's bare feet ;)

Keith is working on the concrete pads outside of our shed. He poured the step on Saturday while we were at the banquet. When I got home from the banquet, we took Alex out to get his handprint in the concrete.

Unfortunately, Alexander had no clue that we needed his hand OPEN for this. Sooo...we moved on to trying his foot...
That didn't work so well, either. We got a mushy blob, but the concrete was a little too set to take on the actual shape of Alex's foot.

Keith smoothed out the blobby footprint, and we settled for writing "Alex 2008". It'll have to do. Maybe we'll try again when Keith does the concrete outside of the big shed door in a few weeks.

The night ended as most Purdy family nights end...card games. We all sat around playing a game of Five Crowns.

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The Hamstras said...

Where is the picture of you and Alex?? I gave Keith strict instructions!!