Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alex Goes to the Eye Doctor

Keith had some eye issues as a child, and our pediatrician wanted to be sure that Alex didn't have any troubles. She had noticed that the light reflects differently off of Alex's eyes, so she sent us to an eye doctor at St. Anthony. Long story short, Alex's eyes are just fine.

Alex screamed and screamed in the waiting room while I filled out insurance forms. He didn't need anything...just wanted to be held. Nice job embarrassing your mother, son. I wasn't flustered or anything; that's just how it goes with a baby, but you do feel guilty being the mom of the screaming kid in a busy (and otherwise quiet) waiting room. A nice lady with 6 children of her own (who she wisely left at home with a babysitter) rocked his carseat and talked to him, trying to keep him calm.

Once we got into the room, Alex was a perfect angel. He didn't even flinch when they put in the drops to dilate his eyes. He stared intently at the doctor, even flashing him some of those charming little Alex grins. We snuck a few pictures when the doctor left the room for a few minutes.

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