Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Not Big Enough...Yet.

Last week Saturday, we went to Donna and Greg's house in Lansing. They were putting a new roof on the house, and Keith was helping. Of course, Alex wasn't big enough to get up there with the guys. He hung out inside with Mama, Grandma, and Emma. (Aunt Donna was at work.)

Here's Daddy...nice angle, huh? HA! That's my dad & Greg's dad in the background.

My friend Sara, who I worked with in Wisconsin, came to visit in the afternoon. I haven't seen her in FOREVER! She tried to visit shortly after Alex was born, but I didn't get the message. So...we finally got together because she was in the area for her sister's college graduation. We'll have to get up there & spend time with her this summer. Road trip for Mama & Alex! :)

The guys were pretty worn out by the end of the day, but the roof was lookin' pretty good!

Here's my nephew Derek...he was closest to the edge of the roof, so I was able to get a better picture. He worked hard! :)

LOTS more posts to come! We've been gone this week & haven't had a chance to update...


The Hamstras said...

I love the "recalculating," it's so true!! I also love the New Buffalo area. We got pretty familiar with it when we lived in Kalamazoo because it was a good half way point to meet our family for dinner. There's a good Italian restaurant there called Brewsters. You'll have to try it sometime.

basketkat said...

Oooh...Angie...Brewster's is good too!!! :) Yum!!!

Dawn said...

Hmmm, two recommendations for the same place. Keith's parents like to go up to Michigan on Sunday afternoons, so I'll have to mention that to them...maybe we'll all try it sometime!