Friday, January 30, 2015


Let’s go back in time for a moment.  A little over 7 years ago, this very exhausted couple welcome their first child into the world on the day after Christmas.  (Little did they know that 3 years later, they’d have THREE children and still be just as exhausted, ha!)


Now we have a seven year old.  I’ve had a month to get used to that, and it still seems impossible.  Alex has done a whole lot of growing up, but he’s still our baby!

With his birthday so close to Christmas, we wait until mid-January to do a family party.  We still have to acknowledge his special day, though.  This year, we had a pretty lazy day – the girls of the family went shopping in the morning, and then the guys of the family went to see a movie in the afternoon.  In the evening, we had Alex’s favorite food – pizza – and we gave Alex our presents for him. 

This year, he got a Captain America pixelated t-shirt, Nutella & breadsticks snack cup, and the much-wanted Skylanders SwapForce game.  After receiving the game, he wanted to pose for pictures with his siblings.


Alex’s family party was last weekend.  He picked a TMNT theme this year, which really surprised me.  I thought he’d go for Skylanders! 

The party was simpler this year because we didn’t do the cooking – since  was TMNT party, we HAD to have Alex’s favorite food – pizza!  We found a good online deal AND a coupon code for Pizza Hut, so we sprang for pizza.  Along with that, we had chips, veggies & dip, and fruit.  (Thanks for the fruit, Deb!)  Grandma S always does pigs in a blanket, but we skipped that this year since we had plenty of pizza.

Party Highlights…


presents – Transformers socks, Ninjago Legos, Switch & Go dino, Skylanders characters, Super Luigi U video game, basketball shirt & shorts, Ninja Turtles book, and Donatello stocking cap

Yep, all 3 kiddos have Ninja Turtle shirts (even a pink one!) that I found
on Target’s website for dirt cheap with free shipping!

sweet Lance looking on in the middle of the chaos…

Cailin popping bubble wrap…

Alex’s last super-special cake – Jessica is heading off to college in August, so the amazing cakes by Grandma P & Jessica are coming to an end.  I’d say they went out with a bang, though – a TMNT Pizza Cake with cookie crust, candy toppings, and rice krispie treat ninja turtles?  You can’t beat that!


Here’s a picture of the pizza – cookie dough crust, gummy soldier green peppers, gummy bear onions & red peppers, round red gummies sliced thin & topped with crushed red velvet sprinkles (pepperoni), and chocolate cluster sausages.  What imagination!



futile attempt at a cousins picture with Lance,
but there were too many distractions!

Seven.  Not sure how we got this far, but you are turning into one wonderful young man, Alex! We hope and pray that you will continue to grow just like Jesus did – in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and men!  We love you!

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