Tuesday, January 13, 2015

November Photo Dump

Jensyn & her little friend Ben at church – for several weeks, they walked around holding hands every time they saw each other.  On this day, Jensyn looked at Ben and said, “Ben, if you have boogers, I have Kleenex.”  (Now if that isn’t true love…   Ha!)

jensyn ben

We went out to see the Christmas lights on one of our favorite local houses, where it’s all set to music.  This was on November 29th, so it’s in with the November pictures.

snuggles with Daddy

Max - caught playing with his sister’s dollhouse…and a pile of attacking dinosaurs!

Alex’s “Texas Toast”, made by painting the bread with colored milk before toasting it.
This was part of his school work one day, and he was REALLY proud of it!

playing with cousin Lance when he came to visit
(this might have been October, but it’s in the November pictures…)

co-op end of semester program
(I can’t remember if I posted these)

display table from the bug class that I taught

Alex’s music class playing handbells
(he’s third from the left, in the back with a white shirt)

Max & Jensyn’s preschool class singing
(in the center – gray shirt & pink sweater)


another trip to the museum

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