Saturday, August 16, 2014

Max’s First Ever Soccer Game

Max is playing soccer this year, and he’s been excited about it for MONTHS!  He’s even been sleeping in his shin guards and soccer socks!

The big day finally came, and Max played his first game this morning.  He has no fear, and he seems to know just what to do.  That’s pretty much what we expected from our little ball-lovin’, active boy!

Max scored the first goal of the game – not bragging rights, but definitely something for him to be proud of and for us to remember.  (He went on to score about 5 more goals…he likes that part!)

Here are some pictures and videos of the first game…and yes, I will zoom in a little more on the video next time!

Max is #6 on the black team, if that helps you find him…

high fiving his coach after the goal
grinning like crazy as he plays

I’ve never done a video from Photobucket before…hopefully this works!

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