Thursday, March 20, 2014

February Photo Dump

(The post in which I ‘dump’ all the pictures that really didn’t merit a post of their own…)

Cinderella is sweeping my kitchen…by choice Winking smile

apparently my children felt the need to document the mess in the living room & master bedroom…posting these for the sake of honesty – our house is not always clean Winking smile


Alex took a picture of his favorite sweatshirt.

blue tongue selfie of Alex

We made homemade raspberry marshmallows (we used raspberry instead of strawberry) & homemade chocolate graham crackers for Valentines Day.  YUMMY marshmallow sandwiches!!!



We also made homemade granola bars b/c we couldn’t find any inexpensive & peanut free options…they are SOOOO soft and delicious, and I love knowing exactly what ingredients are in the bars! (I added a little extra oats & crisped rice as a sub for the almonds.  Next time, I’m going to sub coconut oil for the butter.)

This is my kitchen counter on a typical Wednesday.  We’re a thirsty bunch! Open-mouthed smile

Nana’s 94th Birthday party

Just a typical day at our house - Cinderella is holding Buzz Lightyear and chasing Woody, who is holding Woody.


using construction trucks to eat their animal crackers…IMG_0426

First family Uno game…LOTS of fun! Smile

2014-02-16 19.13.53Max made brownies with Mama…and wore a lot of batter Winking smile
2014-02-24 18.17.21

Alex’s team at the final Upward game of the season
2014-03-08 14.00.41

Alex during his last Upward game of the season…he has REALLY improved over the season.  By no means is he a basketball pro, but he grew in skill and confidence, and he had a lot of fun along the way.!
2014-03-08 14.03.382014-03-08 14.23.24

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