Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Trip To The Dentist

Max & Jensyn had their first dental visit last fall.  (That was Alex’s second visit.)  On that visit, my mom came along to lend a hand (thanks, Mom!) since I wasn’t sure how well it would go with all three kids having dental appointments at the same time.  The boys did great, but Jensyn had a very hard time.  She had to lay on my lap, and she cried and fussed through the cleaning and exam.

Well, it was time to go again.  This time, we were on our own – no grandma to lend a helping hand.  I was a little concerned about how it would go, but everything was GREAT!  We went on St. Patrick’s Day, so all three kiddos are wearing green.  The hygienists were all wearing green antenna headbands, which made the kids smile.

The little girl who was fearful six months ago had NO FEAR today!  She climbed right up in the chair all by herself, happily put on the cute pink sunglasses, and cooperated with EVERYTHING!  She answered questions, smiled and laughed, and just did an AMAZING job!  What a difference six months can make!  (The hygienists also commented on how CUTE she was…always nice to hear!)

2014-03-17 13.55.492014-03-17 14.03.59

The boys did well, too.  I tried to stay mainly with Jensyn, so I wasn’t right there for everything that went on with the boys.  I was able to grab a quick picture of each of them.

I guess Alex had trouble with x-rays; he was a little nervous without Mommy or Grandma at his side like last time, but in the end they were able to get the images they needed.  Otherwise, he did a great job. 

2014-03-17 14.17.47
Max was upset that they didn’t have any green toothpaste (his favorite color) to clean his teeth, and he had a brief grumpy moment, but otherwise he cooperated very well.  He thought that the water and suction straw-thingy were absolutely hilarious.  I tried to catch him in a giggle, but my phone’s camera delay only got this…the somber face after the big giggle.

2014-03-17 14.23.32

No cavities – they all got to sign their names on the “No Cavity” wall.  It’s a chalkboard paint wall, which they erase at the end of each month.  They also each got a prize token to use in the prize machine at the end of their visit.  All 3 kids chose a bouncy ball.  Jensyn, who had a GREAT visit with no tears, ended up crying hysterically when her ball came out.  She wanted a pink ball, and she ended up with a black/white ball.  Alex came to her rescue, and her traded his green/yellow ball for her black/white one.  That fixed the tears, even if it wasn’t pink. 

I was AMAZED at how smoothly this visit went!  It looks like we’ve reached a point where Mama can take all three kids to the dentist without an extra set of hands!  Or at least this time…who knows what the next visit will hold Winking smile

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