Friday, February 22, 2013

Jensyn at 22.5 months

Our sweet little girl is so girly, yet so silly!  A couple in our church is celebrating their 50th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii, and after church their children held a small cake & card reception for their parents.  Everyone at church got a lei, and that made Jensyn very happy.  The girl loves accessories: shoes, rings, hats, necklaces…you name it, she loves it!

So we got home from church, she puts on a stocking cap with her lei, and proceeds to bring all her babies and their accessories out to play.  She was quite the sight!


Speaking of baby dolls, this girly is VERY attached.  Here she is at bedtime last week, lined up to sleep with her babies and their blankets.  When you put her to bed, she says “I need a baaaay-beeeee!”  Usually, it’s a minimum of 3.  Tonight, Keith (who typically puts her to bed at night) said she had SEVEN babies in bed with her and wanted more.

When I get her out of bed in the morning, she typically brings 3 – 4 baby dolls with her to the kitchen for breakfast.


I think I might have posted this one in a random post last week, but it still makes me giggle.  If Jensyn can’t find a hat, anything can become a hat.  Here, it was a pair of her pants shoved over her head and topped with an upside-down disposable diaper.


We love your silly antics, sweet girly!  I wish you could stay little forever!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet!! Her big old grin lights up the room! :-)