Monday, February 4, 2013

Jensyn– 22 Months

placeholder for my big girl’s 22 month post…I need to come back & add more details later!


adding new words to her vocabulary all the time, but still not much of a talker

loves to dance

loves to “play” Wii Dance or Wii Fit with her brothers

‘sings’ all the time

loves to color and draw

adores all of her baby dolls – sleeps with a bunch of them in her crib, takes a ‘soft’ baby out with her each morning, and she & baby sit together in her high chair to eat dry cereal with no milk on it.

FULL of energy!

“Mama, Num!” while doing the motion for “come” when she wants to show me something

loves to sit on the frog potty, fully clothed, and make “pssssh” sounds with her mouth to pretend she’s pottying

thinks mashed potatoes and meatballs are the two best foods on the planet

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