Thursday, July 2, 2009

Uncle Tony

Alex loves his Uncle Tony. We don't visit very often, but Alex has had a few opportunities this summer to spend some time with his uncle doing "guy stuff". Uncle Tony just sent us some pictures today, so we're posting them for you to see! Thanks, Uncle Tony!

Checkin' out Uncle Tony's "cool car"

Ringo & Maggie (Deb & Tony's dog, our dog - the dogs are "brother & sister")No, the lawn mower is not running :)

Alex loved getting pushed around on the mower.
Pretty cool stuff when you're a toddler boy...

(I still need to do posts for Myrtle Beach & Wisconsin Dells. It just takes so much brain power to write a post for an entire vacation! Both posts are started & in draft mode, waiting for me to add more text & pictures. Soon...I hope!)

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