Thursday, July 16, 2009

Myrtle Beach, backwards

So...I upload all the pictures and caption them, only to realize that they are all posting in reverse order. I should have known they'd do that, but I be prepared for our "End To Beginning" vacation.
Our little clown making us laugh while eating his fruit leather

one last hotel "car" ride

In case you ever wondered where Batman lived...

signing "daddy" while watching his Baby Signing Time DVD

signing "more" while watching his Baby Signing Time DVD

Our Family in front of Avista Resort

Our "Fancy" pizza dinner...
where the pizza buffet was pretty good, and the kids enjoyed the games

Alligator Adventure

Kevin & Leanne's family at the Alligator Adventure


burying Jessica in the sand

playing in the sand

chillin' in Grandma's chair

adorable sandy toes

The "cool kid" who couldn't leave his sunglasses on for more than about 30 seconds

Uncle Kevin started this game with Alex, and Alex loves to point back

Jessica & Kyle - Lazy River

Jessica & Kevin

Our Little Family

showing off his shell

smilin' at Papa

Grandma & Papa at the beach...

Alex watches as the boat docks at the end of our dolphin cruise

on the dolphin cruise

on the dolphin cruise

on the dolphin cruise

I love the SPLASH in this picture :)

first day at the beach...and learning how to play with sand

riding his toy train in the condo...

which Mama thought was a crazy item to pack, but Daddy was right...

good choice, Keith!

pretending to sleep on Daddy's pillow at the hotel

in our hotel room

proudly riding the "car"

sharing Daddy's birthday cake & ice cream
(THANKS, Jessica, for making the cake!)

Slepeing in the car, all snuggled with his ducky

Keith's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this spring, and they invited the family to join them for a week in Myrtle Beach, SC. They had stayed at Avista Resort in the past, and they wanted all of us to experience it, too.

We started out by driving to Louisville, KY on Saturday night. We went out for dinner, had cake & ice cream at the hotel, and some of us swam in the chilly pool water. The next morning, we all attended Southeast Christian Church. I'm not too big on mega-churches, but this place is something special! I think we all very much enjoyed church that morning! (Well, Alex may be the exception. He was so cute on the way to church. I'd told him we were going to church. When we pulled into this gigantic parking lot and he saw a big strange building, he shook his head no, as if he understood that this wasn't our church. He happily went to the nursery worker, though...but only lasted half the service. So Mama & Alex listened to the second half of the sermon from the back of the worship center.)

We spent two days finishing the drive to Myrtle Beach. Alex was a pretty good little traveller, and both Keith & I were impressed. He'd play, nap, snack, and we'd let him watch one 30 minute DVD each day when he was reaching his breaking point. We'd usually try to stop for about an hour at lunchtime so Alex had time to wiggle.

We then had 4 nights at Avista Resort. We stayed in a 3 bedroom condo with a beautiful view! You can see the ocean from every window, there is a balcony that overlooks the pools & small lazy river, and there are also an indoor pool and indoor lazy river. Alex (and Mama) both really enjoyed the bathtub-warm water of the indoor lazy river.

We spent most of our time just enjoying the beach and the resort. Kevin & Leanne's family and Keith went jet-skiing...which wasn't really a good idea for a 7 month pregnant Alex and I just stayed at the condo. He took a nap while I read. Later in the week, Kevin & Leanne's family went parasailing. I soooo badly wanted to try this, and so did Keith, but we'll save that for a time when we can both go.

Alex loved watching the airplanes and parasails over the ocean every day. We answered lots of "Whatzat?" until he finally understood the word airplane. It's nice, because now he can spot an airplane in the sky when I point it out.

We visited Alligator Adventure, which is home to more alligators than I've ever seen in one place. They had a whole section of juvenile alligators, another with larger alligators, and also many other animals and birds. The albino alligators were very interesting, too, as they are very rare. (I believe you're supposed to pay an entry fee, but no one was tending the booth when we arrived. It's not until we were leaving that I realized we may have just "stolen" our visit. Now we're thieves.)
And, mmmm, let me tell you - Grandma knows how to pick a good pizza place! Or at least she knows how to make good family memories! We ate most of our meals at the condo, but she wanted to pick a special pizza place on our last night. I admit, this place sounded pretty good from the ads...and it was pretty tasty! It's just funny because the "nice" pizza place turned out to be very similar to Chuck E Cheese! It was still good, and we thank you for the yummy dinner!
I'm sure there's more to say, but this post is over a month late as it is...feel free to add more to the comments if you think I've forgotten any important details! I'll link you to the pictures at Kodak Gallery soon...or remind me if you don't see a link in the next week or two.

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