Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five, the Baby Edition

An e-mail challenge that I thought I'd post here...first, the baby edition. Later, the toddler edition.


1 - Swaddle Me wraps/Halo Sleep Sack with swaddle wrap

2 - Bum Genius diapers

3 - Baby Bees lotion & shampoo

4 - zip-up sleepers (no snaps to line up, yay!)

5 - glider chair


1 - jumperoo

2 - old walker from the Hershmans - takes up very little space compared to newer walkers!

3 - Donna's old play gym

4 - bouncy seat (we got a "new" one from a garage sale, yay!)

5 - Bumbo seat


1 - an abundance of terry cloth bibs (I kept the special ones from family, but gave away everything else...who needs 75 tiny bibs for one baby?! I'd rather they go to someone who needs them!)

2 - prefold "old-fashioned" cloth diapers (I have no patience...)

3 - Boppy pillow (I only used it as a place to set Alex...it never helped with feeding him!)

4 - baby monitor (although we use it now with Alex in his toddler bed)

5 - bottles (remember my non-bottle drinker? sigh.)

FIVE WISHES (should I happen to win the lottery that I've never played...)

1 - more BumGenius diapers

2 - a few more thick hooded towels & thick baby washcloths

3 - cute, boyish burp clothes (SO not a need, but I'm jealous of the cute girly ones that Kat & Karen have!)
4 - Joovy Caboose stand-on stroller (not a need, but sure would be nice...this sage colored one on Amazon is beautiful...hint, hint...early birthday gift for your wife, Keith!

5 - a second big boy carseat

1 comment:

Allison said...

Do you not like the old fashioned cloth diapers as diapers or burp clothes? We used them as burp clothes. My girls were notorious nursing dibblers. I would tuck them into my bra to keep it dry. Now they call them "cubbas" and sleep on them and cuddle with them. Some Freudian thing that they loved their nursing days??? :-)

The boppy is useless; I agree. With Eboni, I used a "Brestfriend" pillow. It's wonderful!!! Here's a link: http://www.mybrestfriend.com/ You can get them at Babies R Us and Target (I think). I took that pillow everywhere I went. It was wonderful! I don't know anyone who has used a Brestfriend pillow that would use anything else. Even my OB raves about it.

Since you like swaddle wraps, and this little man will be born in the summer, I have some great ones for you. http://www.solanababywear.com/category_s/22.htm The simple, less-expensive ones work just as well as the pricey ones. We get the simple ones. Eboni never got too big for her blanket, and it was never too hot either.

Here's one more GREAT thing for you. It's total splurge (okay, a huge splurge), but a lifesaver when you have another little one to tend to. It's a Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider. Every single parent that I have recommended it to has said it saved their lives. It even calms irritable babies that are normally inconsolable. We used to take it with us when we would visit friends and family too. Whatever works, right? :-)

Oh, and I'm right there with you on the zipper sleepers! Who thought snaps would be good in the middle of the night?! I stopped buying sleepers with snaps when I realized what a pain they are in the middle of the night. Zippers only over here too!

Sheesh, I just went on and on, didn't I? Can't wait to see baby pictures. Hope this last bit goes as fast as possible for you.