Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who Let My Baby Get Big?

I realize that Alex turned one on December 26th, and I'm just now getting around to posting it in mid-January. There are two reasons...
1) I am in denial. He can't be one. Not possible.
2) We just celebrated his birthday on Sunday.
My baby boy sure has changed a lot in the past year! He is no longer a helpless little bundle in our arms. He has words, signs, expressions, and opinions. He is curious, energetic, and fun. He is a climber, a fast crawler, and a trouble-finder. He makes us laugh every single day.
I cuddled a 6 month old in nursery a few weeks back, and she just seemed so tiny and helpless. Only 6 months ago, that was my Alex? Wow. There are moments that drag, but time sure flies!
So, my big boy, here's a quick "year in review" of some of my favorite photos from your first year...in reverse order, to shrink you ;)
December 2008
November 2008
October 2008
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July 2008
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December 27, 2007

Words at 12.5 months:
  • mama (I'm always Mama)
  • daddy (dah-dee or 'mom', who knows why...)
  • nana
  • grandma (sometimes mamma, sometimes gamma)
  • papa
  • cracker (crahkuh, which really refers to anything he wants to eat)
  • cup-cup (kuh-kuh, not to be confused with cracker)
  • car (kah)
  • truck (kuck)
  • milk (guck)
  • up (bup)
  • bath (but he only said this one night)
  • bye bye (Bah Bah)
  • Maggie (inconsistently, sometimes 'Maggie', sometimes 'puppy')
  • vroom-vroom (voom-voom)
  • Yay (only once in a while)
  • Bob (says it all the time, but it doesn't mean anything to us)
Signs at 12.5 months:
  • milk
  • more (just started yesterday)
  • please (but won't use it at the right time)
  • bye-bye/hi
  • all done

Favorite Foods:

  • graham crackers/teddy grahams
  • club crackers
  • spaghetti/mostaciolli
  • rice
  • froot loops
  • pears
  • bananas
  • applesauce
  • sloppy joe meat
  • jelly on wheat bread
  • still not a big cup-cup fan, but will drink watered-down white grape juice
  • loves spicy foods, strange baby! I love how the baby books tell you not to add spices to a baby's food. They don't know Alex.

Favorite Toys:

  • Fisher Price musical table
  • cars, trucks, and all things with wheels (he's lovin' the new train, Aunt Deb)
  • cell phones & remotes (sigh)
  • musical piano (which he's only allowed to use while I take a shower, so it's a novelty and he lets me take a 20 minute shower!)
  • wood blocks (but only because they go "bang" when you hit them together)
  • He plays with most of his toys, but the above list is definitely getting most of his attention right now.

Favorite Things To Do:

  • Look at the picture of Nana on the fridge & call her by name (20 times a day or more!!)
  • Look at the family pictures hanging in the front hallway and smile at everyone
  • try to play with the dehumidifier when Mama's not looking
  • open the kitchen drawer & pull out all the clean towels & washcloths
  • grab the cordless phone off the end table
  • clap his hands when he hears cheering or sees clapping on TV
  • watch his "Signing Times" video (2 or 3 times a week at most)
  • watch "Yo Gabba Gabba" (1 or 2 times a week at most)
  • crawl around with Daddy
  • turn on/off the CD player in his bedroom
  • climb, even if he has to stack his toys and climb them
  • push a kitchen chair in front of him to walk through the kitchen (or stand outside his walker & push it, or push his musical table while walking, etc.)

  • takes 2 naps a day, about 45 minutes to an hour each
  • sleeps from 8/8:30 PM until 7-ish AM, waking around 5 AM to nurse
  • He is go, go, go all day long
  • He is often complimented for being a very good baby in waiting rooms, restaurants, etc. We'll see how long that lasts!
  • loves to hear stories before naptime
  • loves to dive headfirst off of our laps, off of our bed, etc.
  • curious about everything - must touch it, try it, see it, hold it, etc. Seems to want to know how everything works
  • still allergic to milk, as far as we can tell. He had allergy testing done last week, and we're still waiting on the results, but I'd say hives & eczema are pretty good signs of an allergy
  • 18.6 lbs at one year, smaller than his doctor would like, but blood tests show he is healthy
  • using his 'big boy' car seat, although it's still rear-facing until he hits 20 lbs
  • just started waking happily in the morning, talking in his crib, rather than crying for us
  • loves to grocery shop with Mama, babbling loudly all the way through the store while people watching
  • loves to see babies & kids on TV

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Kevin Purdy said...

So you don't know why Alex is saying "Bob" Do you? Could it be because when he was first born and was a tiny baby in the hospital and when Kyle was holding him Kyle kept saying names of Colts players one of which was BOB Sanders?

- Jessica Annette Purdy