Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Little Heartbeat

I had my first midwife appointment last week Thursday. Mom & Deb came to the rescue to make sure Alex was watched during my appointment - thanks SO MUCH!

I think that using a midwife this time around is going to be a very good thing. She is a very sweet lady, and I look forward to having a little more say in how things go. Well, I suppose in the long run, 'new baby' has more to do with how things go that Mama does, right? ;)

This is the same doctor's office that we used with Alex. They are located just minutes from the hospital, the doctors are always available if needed, and the delivery will be at the same hospital. The difference is that a midwife is a lot less likely to resort to medical intervention. She'll let me go longer without inducing, and will start with more natural methods of inducing. I won't be tied to monitors at the hospital so I'm free to stay out of bed, walk, use the jacuzzi tub, etc. She is there for the whole labor, unlike a doctor who just pops in once in a while & then comes back to deliver. (There are a few other differences, too, but you don't want the details!)

Anyway, the midwife wasn't able to find a heartbeat with doppler, so she kindly offered to use the old, beat-up ultrasound machine. The picture isn't clear, and the machine is barely functioning, but it was enough to see a blurry little blob with a heartbeat. What a sigh of relief. That heartbeat is the best little thing, and seeing our little miracle from God was a special and unexpected treat!

The 'official' due date is August 16th...which means we should have a baby by August 28th, lol! I think I'll just tell people I'm due near the end of August. Then they won't pester me for the last three weeks. Or is that lying? Hmmm.... ;)

By the way, we'll need a new name for the blog in August. Any fun suggestions?

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The Hamstras said...

Yay!! I'm so excited for you guys!!